About Me

First Paragraph

Hey! I'm Jose. I like coding alot like it has changed me with computers this was my first time in computer class.It taught meproblem-solving skills and a way to communicate with others on a technical level. I know how to use the computer more then I did before and this class is easy sometimes but you just have to kepp going don't stop. What helped me was SoloLearn where they build your self-esteem and keep you motivated. This year in this class has been super easy someyimes I don't get it but i don't give up. So I love this class more than I did in the beggining.

Second Paragraph

I also love soccer my favorite athlete is Lionel Messi. He is the best player I know and I want to meet him in person that is my one dream.I like to code alot one day I'm going to make some coding based on Messi and It's going to be awesome.Hope that one day you can try it out.

"Declare variables, not war"